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We have a family owned and operated business since 1995. Located in Arcadia, LA we serve a large variety of industries, including, gas, wood, insulation, and oil. We pride ourselves in fast, efficient, quality work, and cover a wide spectrum of part making and repair abilities.

Capabilities &

Our shop is a 5,400 square feet facility including a 2-ton overhead crane. We have multiple welding rigs to serve your TIG, MIG, and stick welding needs. We have 3 manual mills with full digital readouts, 3 manual lathes, CNC lathe, 5x10 CNC plasma/oxy-fuel table, tube benders, keys seater, 40 ton press, oxy-fuel torch, plasma torch, and a large inventory of drills, taps, and fasteners.

Shaft Work

Shaft work accounts for the strongest area of expertise for us. We make many shafts, ranging widely in size and complexity. We can do all sizes metric and standard up to shafting requiring 1 1/4" keyways.


We can do custom brackets for tackling new projects or upgrading old ones. We can also reverse engineer existing brackets that are no longer available on the market so you can keep your old equipment running.

Pins & Bosses

We can do a wide variety of pins and bosses to get your equipment back up and running.


We do full shaft assemblies, including bearings, housings, and sprockets, to get you a fully operation part, ready to bolt in position and start working.

CNC Work

Our CNC lathe is capable of machining up to 6" OD parts, and our CNC plasma/oxyfuel table is capable of doing up to 1 1/2" A36 plate.

Coil Tubing Parts

In stock coil tubing metal rollers from 1.25" to 2.625". Nylon rollers from 6" to 11". Wash tips 1 1/4" - 2" in stock as well.


With over 60 years combined experience, we can turn your ideas into reality.


Custom pieces with your logo, name, or design. You can also get your equipment fabrication done here.

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